Evening Family Style Dining 

Hot, Delicious freshly made for any occasion

for pick-up or delivery

Package One

Two meat dishes
Two hot sides
Two salad sides


$13.99 per serving

Package Two

Three meat dishes
Three hot sides
Two salad sides

$15.99 per serving


 Chicken De Volatile
 Chicken Marsala
 Chicken Vesuvius
 Chicken breast in creamy sauce with sun dry tomatoes
 Breaded chicken cutlet


 Pork De Volite
 Roast pork with pears
 Pork tenderloin in onion gravy
 Pork tenderloin in mushroom gravy
 Pork stuffed Hungarian style
 Pork stuffed with plums
 Breaded cutlet with mushroom


 Beef stroganoff
 Roasted beef with homemade sauce
 Old polish goulash with mushrooms
 Beef roll-ups with gravy
 Meatballs with barbecue sauce, dill sauce or mushroom gravy

Hot Sides

 Roast potatoes
 Red potatoes with butter and dill
 Mashed potatoes
 Choice of pierogi’s
 Potatoes dumplings
 Green beans
 Carrots with sweet peas
 Sausage with sauerkraut
 Mix veggies with batter
 Old polish barley with bacon
 Rice with vegetables


 Tilapia in creamy sauce
 Tilapia in dill sauce
 Fried fish
 Cod lion in spinach sauce

Salad Sides

 Cucumber with sour cream and dill
 Cole slaw
 Red beets with horseradish or onion
 Sauerkraut salad
 Red cabbage
 Carrot salad with raisins and pineapple
 Greek salad
 Caesar salad